As our Gigafinals are now well under way and our first qualifiers have been identified it seems like a great time to write about the Terafinal and explain a little bit more about what to expect. It is notoriously difficult to qualify for the Terafinal  Рyou have to win a Gigafinal or a Challengers section. This means that to make it to the Terafinal is an achievement in itself.


21st and 22nd September 2019


Daventry Court Hotel, Daventry, NN11 0SG



945 Opening Announcements
1000 Round 1
1130 Round 2
1300 Round 3
1430 Round 4
1600 Round 5
1730 Round 6


1000 Semi Final game 1 (+ round 7 of Swiss)
1130 Semi Final game 2 (+ round 8 of Swiss)
1300 Final game 1 (+ round 9 of Swiss)
1430 Final game 2 (+ round 10 of Swiss)
1600 (approx) Prize Giving


The format is quite a bit different to our other events. First it takes place over two consecutive days – so all players play both the Saturday and the Sunday. For this reason we host it in a hotel so families can stay in the same venue as the playing hall. There are five mixed sections (ie boys and girls play in the same section)

Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 18

On the Saturday is a 6 round ‘swiss’ rapid tournament with a time control of 20 minutes + 10 second a move. So far this is the same as Megafinals and Gigafinals. On the Sunday – the top 4 players in each section take place in a 4 player knockout event consisting of two semi finals, a final and a 3rd/4th place playoff.

Each knockout mini match is played over 2 games of rapid chess (same time control as the Swiss event). If the match is tied after 2 games there will be an ‘Armageddon’ blitz game. Colours to be determined by the toss of a coin. The player playing with the black pieces will win the match in the event of the Armageddon game being tied but to compensate for this the player with the white pieces starts with more time.

Players not making the top 4 places after Saturdays games continue to play a further four games in the Swiss event on the Sunday for the remaining 5th place cash prize.


Prize money is as follows

U18 U14 U12 U10 U8
1st 1500 1000 800 600 400
2nd 750 500 400 300 200
3rd 375 1250 200 150 100
4th 200 125 100 75 50
5th 200 125 100 75 50
Top Girl 750 500 400 300 200

In addition to the cash prize the 1st place boy and girl in each section wins a trophy and there are medals for 2nd and 3rd.

Every player receives a certificate of achievement provided they complete all 10 rounds.

The top placed eligible English boy and girl in each section will also be nominated to represent England in an international trip (the cost of which is to be borne by the parents). We are working on being able to make the equivalent offer to Scottish, Welsh and Irish players.


There will be “Live Boards” on the top boards of each section. For those who have not come across these before – these are special boards which record the moves played and transmit them online so that the games can be followed online. We will again be partnering with ‘Chess 24’ to show the games on their mobile app.

We will also have a live commentary room with commentary and analysis from a Grandmaster who can explain to the audience what is happening in the games and answer any questions regarding general chess training and preparation.