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Chess Club – Power Packs

Working with our partner Sarah Hegarty Chess we have been developing an approach to help teachers engage and teach particularly younger primary school children the basics. Even in chess clubs / classes where stronger players are present there are often many players at a much lower level who are either just learning the rules or who have a tenuous grasp at best and certainly no idea about wider strategy. Often these children require the most attention and so we wanted to help chess teachers better engage this group.

We have three levels of school chess materials.

Level 1

Introduction to chess, board setup and general rules
How the pieces move
Value of the pieces
Check and escaping check
Introduction to checkmate and stalemate

Level 2

Trading and profitable exchanges
Two-fold attacks
Moving safely and defence
Checkmate in 1 move
Defending scholars mate
Opening basics

Level 3

Writing down and playing through full games
King and Queen checkmate
Passed pawns in the endgame
More checkmate practice

Each level contains the following materials:

  • Workbooks (60 pages of instructional content and puzzles)
  • 40 x flashcard design
    • Explanations
    • Examples
    • Mini games
    • Puzzles
  • Achievement cards (for students to track and mark down their progress)
  • Teacher handbook (how to make best use of the materials plus handy classroom tips)
  • Lesson plans pre-built in

Currently level 1 is complete and we are taking orders for this. Level 2 and Level 3 are well under way with the workbooks completed.