UK Online Chess Challenge

How to Join

First you have to sign up to get a free chesskid account. Follow these easy steps

1) Choose a username. These are randomly generated by chesskid – choose one that you like.
2) Choose a player picture – it doesn’t have to look like you!
3) Create a password – write it down so you don’t forget
4) Enter your parents email. Ask your parents if you don’t know it
5) Hit ‘Play’. OK so now you are in – but there is one more REALLY IMPORTANT TASK…
6) Click home and click the grey settings button in the top righthand corner.
7) Type in your first and last names in the boxes
8) Click the link at the bottom saying “Do you have a group registration key”
9) Enter the following GFXKZM

OK – so now you are all set for the challenge!

***If you have any trouble following the above please email us at