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UK Online Chess Challenge

How to Join

First you have to sign up to get a free chesskid account. Follow these easy steps

1) Go to
2) Choose a username. These are randomly generated by chesskid – choose one that you like.
3) Choose a player picture – it doesn’t have to look like you!
4) Create a password – write it down so you don’t forget
5) Enter your parents email. Ask your parents if you don’t know it
6) Hit ‘Play’. OK so now you are in – but there is one more REALLY IMPORTANT TASK…
7) Click home and click the grey settings button in the top righthand corner.
8) Type in your first and last names in the boxes
9) Click the link at the bottom saying “Do you have a group registration key”
10) Enter the following GFXKZM

OK – so now you are all set for the challenge! Please see “Rules” below for dates and how to take part.

***If you have any trouble following the above please email us at

Rules of the Competition

***Please note some edits were made to these rules on 03/02/2019. These small changes supersede the previous version.


The 1st Online UK Chess Challenge will run from Friday 1st February to Sunday 17th February.
Individuals can score points by completing lessons, solving puzzles and competing in online tournaments.

This is the first time this has been done and the main aim is for children to have fun playing chess online and to learn and improve by using some of chesskid’s great features. There will no doubt be some technical glitches but we will do our best to resolve quickly.

The maximum number of points available is 1,000. We will be updating the overall leaderboard periodically on this page and by email.

Points for completing lessons

The following points will be awarded for completing the various stages of lessons

Pawn – 10 points
Knight- 25 points
Bishop – 40 points
Rook – 75 points
Queen – 100 points

Note – the points are awarded when all levels of that stage are complete. We are not awarding additional points for completing king stage levels though we encourage children to keep taking these. Total number of points available for lessons is 250

Points for solving puzzles

The following points will be awarded for solving a number of puzzles

250 solved 125 points
200 solved 100 points
150 solved 75 points
100 solved 50 points
60 solved 40 points
40 solved 30 points
20 solved 20 points
10 solved 10 points

This is puzzles solved during the period 01/02/2019 – 17/02/2019

There will also be a leaderboard for puzzles solved and additional points awarded for a high placing on this leader board as follows:

1st 125 points
2nd 100 points
3rd 99 points
4th 98 points
100th 2 points

All other places score 1 point assuming at least 1 attempt is made

Points for competing in online tournaments

There are four points paying tournaments during the challenge (plus an additional ‘friendly’ tournament on 1st February). The following points are awarded depending on where you finish in the tournament

1st 125 points
2nd 100 points
3rd 99 points
4th 98 points
100th 2 points

All other places score 1 point

Tournament Dates

Friday 1st February – 6pm – Friendly tournament
Tuesday 5th February – 6pm
Sunday 10th February – 4pm
Tuesday 12th February – 6pm
Sunday 17th February – 4pm

Login to your account to register. You can only register within 15 minutes of the start time (the system will not allow you to register before this). The rounds will start on the times given above. We expect each event to last approximately 90 minutes. All players play each game – you may need to wait in between rounds for your next round to begin if other players are still playing.

The ‘friendly’ tournament on 1st February is designed to allow everyone to test the registration and playing process to iron out any difficulties before the first official tournament on Tuesday 5th February.


There will be individual prizes for the top 20 finishers. We will be in touch by email to confirm and arrange for delivery etc.