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Please read this page before phoning/emailing …

My payment isn’t going through- what should I do?
This will usually happen if the name on the card does not match the registered address.
Can I win a title if I am out of the county?

Please note in Middlesex and Surrey you can enter either megafinal and be eligible for trophy/title.

How do I enter a group of players en-masse?

Please contact your megafinal organiser directly and they will do this for you if you send them the required spreadsheet. They are all listed:

How do I order an additional school trophy?

Please send £6 per additional trophy to 77 East Avenue, Heald Green, Cheshire. SK8 3BR

I entered a megafinal my child can no longer attend- how do I transfer?

You can’t transfer per se as this will cause problems with the regional spreadsheet  but you can enter an alternative one ( Please send the order number and receipt from the order you no longer want to and we will issue a refund.

I entered my child’s D.O.B wrong- what should I do?
My child’s megafinal is full- what can I do?

You can enter an alternative megafinal:

Please see:

For eligibility on title/trophy.