The following sections will be run for each Gigafinal


Boys under 7s
Boys under 8s
Boys under 9s
Boys under 10s


Girls under 7s
Girls under 8s
Girls under 9s
Girls under 10s
Girls under 11s
Mixed under 12s
Mixed under 13s
Mixed under 14s
Mixed 15-18s

If necessary, where numbers in a section are high, we may split a section into two or more groups of approximately equal strength. In such an event the Ultimo’s and Ultima’s from each section will all qualify for the Terafinal.

Terafinal Qualification

In each section the top scoring boy (Ultimo) and top scoring girl (Ultima) will qualify. Players tying for the Ultimo/a title will also qualify but the title and trophy will be decided on the UKCC tiebreak system (see below). The rules are slightly different for the under 15-18 section

Challengers Qualification

Every player scoring at least 4 points, but who do not qualify for the Terafinal, will qualify for the Challengers.

Mixed under 15-18 Section

Four Ultimas and four Ultimos will be crowned – one for each year group. Ie

Under 18 born between 1/9/2000 and 31/08/2001
Under 17 born between 1/9/2001 and 31/08/2002
Under 16 born between 1/9/2002 and 31/08/2003
Under 15 born between 1/9/2003 and 31/08/2004

Players are only eligible to be the Ultimo / Ultima for their year group, ie, an under 15 cannot be the under 16 Ultima.

To qualify for the Terafinal players need to either be an Ultimo / Ultima or finish in the top 3 overall for the section – irrespective of gender. Ties for 3rd also qualify.

If an Ultimo / Ultima finishes in the top 3 overall – this does not create an additional qualification space.

UKCC Tie Break System

The following tiebreak system, where applicable, will be used for all Megafinals, Gigafinals, Challengers and the Terafinal.

1. Direct Encounter
2. Median-Buchholz
3. Buchholz Cut 1
4. Buchholz
5. Drawing of Lots

If at any point the number of players involved in the tie is reduced by applying one of the above tie-breaks from 1 to 4, then the remaining tied players should be split by the same procedure, starting back at 1. Direct Encounter.