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Southern Gigafinal 2018 – Sections


Please note that where in doubt these rules supersede the overall rules published at the beginning of the competition.

We have tried to keep section sizes between 20 – 64 places for a competitive tournament and to try and prevent two players ending up on a maximum score after 6 rounds (which may happen with more than 64 players in a 6 round event).

Where we have more than 64 players for a gender age group we have split that group into two or more sections. The composition of each group is seeded based on English rapidplay grades where applicable. Groups will be of approximately equal strength and numbers.

Each section will have an Ultimo (highest scoring boy in their school year) and an Ultima (highest scoring girl in their school year). In sections that cover multiple school years, there will an Ultimo and Ultima for each school year.


The Terafinal takes place over two days on 15th and 16th September at Holiday Inn Hotel, Peterborough West, PE3 6SG.

To qualify for the Terafinal, players will need to either:
– Be an Ultimo / Ultima, or
– Finish in the top 3 (*) positions, for their gender, in the final ranking of their tournament section

For the avoidance of doubt – “Finish in the top 3 positions, for their gender” refers to the tournament section as a whole rather than an individual school year. If you are in a category with a single school year represented (which is all but one section) then if you finish in the top 3 for your gender you qualify, otherwise you do not.

* please note for the under 15-18 mixed section the rules are different. All 8 Ultimos / Ultimas qualify plus the top 6 in the section (regardless of gender).

Challengers (formerly the ‘Plate’)

Any player who does NOT qualify for the Terafinal but who scores a minimum of 4 points will be given priority placing at the Challengers events being held in September. Please note that for 2018 there are two Challengers events which take place at separate venues and dates to the Terafinal. They are:

Northern: Saturday 22nd September – Cunard Building, Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L3 1AH

Southern: Sunday 9th September, Tormead School, Cranley Road, Guildford, GU1 2JD.

Please find below the list of sections which will be being run in the Southern Gigafinal.


Saturday (11 tournaments)

Under 7 Boys (A, B)
Under 8 Boys (A, B, C)
Under 9 Boys (A, B, C)
Under 10 Boys (A, B, C)

Sunday (12 tournaments)

Under 7 Girls
Under 8 Girls
Under 9 Girls
Under 10 Girls
Under 11 Girls
Under 11 Boys (A, B, C)
Under 12 Mixed
Under 13 Mixed
Under 14 Mixed
Under 15-18 Mixed

Clarification for under 15-18 mixed section

This is the only event with multiple school years represented.

There will be four Ultimo’s (U18, U17, U16 and U15) and four Ultima’s (U18, U17, U16 and U15) all qualifying for the Terafinal.

Also finishing in the top 6 overall (regardless of gender) will result in qualification.


Unlike previous years there are no play-offs and there are no ‘tying for places’. Tiebreaks are applied which will split players tied on a score. These tiebreaks are stated in the overall rules of the competition.

See here for more information.


If, following the event, some Terafinal sections are under-represented then the organiser reserves the right to invite ‘Wildcard’ players to the event. These places will be offered to the next highest placed individuals in the section (regardless of gender). Therefore it is worth trying to place as high as possible even if you cannot gain direct qualification.

Please note we do not expect to have to invoke this – but we are making it clear in advance regardless.