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Southern Gigafinal is Full – Update


As you may be aware this year we have placed a restriction on the number of people entering the Southern Gigafinal.

Last year’s event was busier than expected and based on the logistics of the venue layout we did not want to go above those numbers for 2018. By adding a third Gigafinal in Solihull we thought this would free up plenty of space for the anticipated increase in qualifiers resulting from some of the rules changes. It would also give parents three dates to choose from and so hopefully avoid all holiday clashes.

Despite this significant change the numbers for the Southern events are still over subscribed and regretfully some parents are unable to enter their nearest Gigafinal. We have been in discussion with a Southern organiser who helpfully looked into the logistics of running a fourth event – but we could not make it work.

We will not be making exceptions to the capacity restriction as our priority is in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of those attending our events. If you have not been registered please do not turn up on the day as we will have to turn you away.

Choice of venue

We need to take a variety of factors into account when selecting locations and venues including cost, accessibility, size, facilities etc. We will use the data from this season to make the necessary changes to 2019.

United Kingdom Schools’ Chess Challenge

The Gigafinals is the 3rd stage of a UK wide event. Many parents travel 100’s of miles to get to their nearest Gigfinal. For example consider the trip from Edinburgh to Manchester or parents travelling from Northern Ireland.

The Terafinal is a single event taking place in Peterborough and by definition this will require travel and expense to play over the two days.

In short we don’t think it is unreasonable that parents may need to travel some distance to attend the finals of a major national chess event – but we do understand and sympathise with those most impacted by the shortage of spaces.

I greatly encourage those impacted to make the trip either to the Midlands or Northern Gigafinals which are excellent events and a great experience for aspiring players. Those who genuinely cannot attend I offer my warmest congratulations on making it this far and hope to welcome you at our improved events next season.

Sarah Longson
Director – UK Chess Challenge