Terafinal 2020 – Fair Play Guidelines

All players must make their moves completely unaided. For the avoidance of doubt players CANNOT

  • Receive hints from other people
  • Use suggestions from a computer programme
  • Use other materials such as books or notes during play

Participants in the “Final 4 KO” will be required to play their games on the Sunday on webcam with audio and video on. This is compulsory.

Detection methodology:

We use a triple lock process to detect players using foul play

  • Manual review of games (including all games of top finishers) by a panel of titled players. This includes games where a “surprise” result occurs (eg a case where a much lower graded player beats a much higher graded player)
  • All games submitted for statistical review to Ken Regan – the world’s leading authority on chess cheating detection
  • Lichess also implement their own algorithms using many more data points than we have access to. Furthermore any games we suspect of potential foul play we will escalate to lichess for their moderators to investigate further


If you attempt to cheat it is highly likely you will be caught with the following potential repercussions:

  • Fraudulent activity reported to police (attempt to make financial gain through fraud)
  • Ban from further online competitions
  • Ban from over the board competition
  • Reported to national federation

Score adjustments:

We are hoping for and expect a clean Terafinal. However, in the event that a player is found to have violated these guidelines their scores will be nullified and other players who played the individual will be given a full point for their individual game. These adjusted scores will count towards the final standings.

It may take some time to review so the standings on the Saturday after round 7 are only provisional until we confirm pending reviews are completed.