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UKCC Summer Chess Camp

Daily training and competitions - divisional prizes to be won!

Welcome to the UK Chess Challenge

The UK Chess Challenge first took place in 1996 and has since grown into the largest children’s chess tournament in the world. The beauty of the event is that it welcomes all-comers from beginners to National Champions and schools from all corners of the United Kingdom take part.


Latest News

UKCC Tournament Report 27th July

This week seven UKCC tournaments took place. The three age groups of the blitz played and concluded their final preliminary. The second chess960 qualifiers took place on Saturday, again split into three age groups. Finally, the Racing Kings variant events...

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UKCC Tournament Report 20th July

Blitz Preliminary 5 The 3+1 blitz preliminary was a chaotic as always. Thousands of games were played over the course of the hour as players tried to balance the quick time controls with careful considered play. At the end, six players came within four...

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Making Mistakes

I was shocked to hear of the amount of children cheating in online competitions when playing online became the only way to play chess due to covid-19. At first I thought “what motivates them?” as it’s not something I would ever have contemplated. I guess...

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Why Chess?

Critical Thinking

Chess is all about making decisions, and having a full array of tools to assist in this:

  • Analysing the problem
  • Selecting and evaluating options
  • Knowing when to use intuition
  • Creativity and Learned Knowledge

Sense of Community

Chess requires Organisers, Volunteers and Teachers to make things happen. Engagement in chess can develop strong community ties:

  • Have fun
  • Meet new people & make friends
  • Respect for others and their ideas
  • Anticipate and react to your opponent’s intentions


Chess is a fantastic tool for developing character at a young age:

  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand consequence of decisions
  • Resilience in the face of defeat
  • “Growth mind-set” – learn from setbacks

School Stage

Spring Term
Enter before December 31st to avoid late entry fee.

Held during school in chess club. Suitable for all levels – all players win badges, mascots, certificate and a ‘chess battle manual’. The school champion will win a trophy.

The top boy and girl in each age group qualify for the Megafinal, as well as anyone getting 15 points.


March – June
Each region has their own megafinal. Dates, prices and times will go on website from January.

Parents accompany children to this event. 6 rounds are played throughout the day. It is not a knockout.

Anyone scoring 3.5/6 in their category will qualify for the Gigafinal.



There are at least 3 Gigafinals throughout July. Details to be announced early in the year.

Parents accompany children to this event. 6 rounds are played throughout the day. It is not a knockout.

The top 3 players in each category will qualify for the Terafinal.


6 rounds are played throughout the weekend. It is not a knockout.

5 sections with thousands of pounds in prize money.

Last year’s winners were Jude Shearsby (under 8), Yichen Han (under 10), Christopher Tombolis (under 12), Ranesh Ratnesan (under 14) and Koby Kalavannan. Who will this year’s champions be?


Sponsored by Delancey, the UK Schools’ Chess Challenge begins every Spring Term, and continues over four stages and eight months.

Simple Online Entry

School/Club Entry

Standard entry
for a single school/club

£25 (+VAT)

Includes kit for 10 players and one trophy.
Additional players can be entered at £10 per 10 players.
Additional trophies are available at £6.

You can also enter via email. Contact us at

Games of Chess

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