Activity Sheet

We believe everyone should have access to fun and engaging chess content for free, this helps more people get into the game which is beneficial to the whole community. On this page you can find all our free chess content including our free weekly activity sheet which you can subscribe to for free here.


Our activity sheets includes four levels of puzzle with a different theme each week as well as a course for total beginners who are new to the game! At the end of each booklet you can find a mix of fun and head-scratching chess puzzles and riddles to solve with your friends and family.

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Booklet 1 – September 5th

Booklet 2 – September 12th

Booklet 3 – September 19th

Booklet 4 – September 26th

Booklet 5 – October 3rd

Booklet 6 – October 10th

Booklet 7– October 17th



How many moves to swap the white knights with the black?