121 Coaching With Sarah

100% bespoke 121 chess coaching package.

How it Works – Month 1

Getting to know each other and building a solid training foundation

Get to Know You

  • Student and parent complete an initial questionnaire outlining their goals and expectations
  • Introductory call with myself, parent and student

Skills Assessment

  • Evaluation exercises for the student to complete
  • Personalised feedback on the exercises
  • 2 x 45 minute live calls to establish strengths, weaknesses and preferred learning style. During this time we hopefully develop a good rapport and I get a good understanding of how the student thinks about chess

Training Plan

Based on the above we create a completely bespoke training plan for the student to follow in between our mentoring calls. This will take into account the number of hours the parent has set aside for chess work and typically includes solving exercises, viewing videos, attending group training sessions (all included).

How it Works – Months 2+

Learn, practise, play

45 minute mentoring sessions

During these important sessions we typically cover a range of topics including analysing recently played games, reviewing progress against the training plan and discussing any items the student feels they need assistance with (or areas I have identified).

Ongoing feedback on assigned work from training plan

Personal bitesize videos is my preferred format for feedback. Students enjoy the format and rapid response and this encourages them to stick to the plan.

It is the work students carry out in between sessions with their coach that leads to the biggest performance gains!

Unlimited parental support

Keeping parents informed and part of the process is a fundamental element of my approach. We can discuss any topic by phone or, schedules and geography allowing, even meet for a coffee!

Bonus Features

Tournament support and encouragement

A friendly pep-talk before or during a big tournament can make a big difference. Confidence and sticking to the game plan are key.

Technical assistance selecting tournaments, software etc

I can create an appropriate tournament schedule together. I’ll also assist with any other chess matters from selecting the right software to book recommendations etc.

Access to our training library and live group training sessions

My private students have access to our entire training content library including our live group training sessions from the ‘Academy’ (with various International and Grandmaster coaches).

Your Investment


£199 per month (includes 1 x 45 mentoring session)
+ £100 per additional monthly session