Chess Tournament in a Box

Encourage your chess club members to take their game to the next level through a 7 week competition. Unpack the box, make your first move, and enjoy prizes for everyone.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Children are having fun but you’re struggling to come up with fresh activities each week?
  • Your class has mixed abilities and it can be difficult to keep everyone engaged?
  • You want to introduce your young chess players to the excitement of competition without leaving school?
  • Do you want to encourage them so they can learn to play the game better, faster?

Introducing the UKCC School Tournament Pack

With our ‘School Chess Tournament Pack’ all you have to do is follow each week’s plan and you’ll get your chess players loving competing faster than you can say ‘checkmate’!” And once they’ve got the bug for tournaments you can encourage them to take part in the Megafinal stage of the UK Chess Challenge. Who knows – they may go on and reach the Gigafinal or even the Terafinal. A world of opportunity awaits them.

Our chess tournament in a box solution is a piece of cake to implement and from week 1 you will have a no-fuss 7-week competition that involves the whole class and runs like clockwork. 

Your students will think you are the world’s best chess teacher once they get their very own pairing card and start to win points and prizes. What’s more, the competition can become a regular feature of the calendar that students look forward to each year which boosts retention and helps attract new members each year.


As players score more points they gain prizes

Inclusive Awards

Every player receives minimum of certificate, pairing card and a chess badge

Simple Schedule and Instructions

Your 7 week competition is mapped out for you and full instructions included

Attract new members

Posters and the children sharing their successes will draw new members to the chess club


We’re here to support you achieve success with your club, whether through instructional videos, email or phone call.


Join our amazing community of 1000s of teachers and young chess players across the UK

A bit about me

I’ve experienced this competition now in three roles. Firstly as a player in school – I remember gaining my first chess badge at seven years old and I was so proud. This sparked a lifelong love of chess – so much so that after graduating from law I decided to teach chess rather than pursue the legal career my family had assumed I would follow..

As a new chess teacher I couldn’t wait to run the UKCC school chess tournament – not only did I know for sure that the kids would love it (as I and my classmates had) but I knew it would make my life as a teacher so much easier knowing there was a proven seven week programme to follow. And seeing the children go on to compete in the Megafinals outside of their school setting and achieving so much was really satisfying.

In 2016 I became Director of the competition which is really fun as now I get to decide what prizes go in the box of goodies! I’ve seen what makes the players tick and enjoy helping make the pack really fun each year.

As British ladies champion in 2013 I’m super passionate about seeing children motivated and encouraged to reach their potential and if the Delancey UK Chess Challenge motivates one of your players to play a chess tournament outside of the school I’ll be very happy indeed.

What Other Teachers Say

Hi Sarah and Alex,

I’ve run Chess Club at Broomgrove Junior School for over 20 years and participated in the competition for many of those. The Delancey UK Chess Challenge is simply an inspired and wonderful tournament that is so exciting and encouraging to all the players be they Megafinal qualifiers or not, however, winning a mascot seems to be the most cherished goal for everyone! 

Long may UK Chess Challenge continue and go from strength to strength.

With my very best wishes for your successful future,

Jean Quinn

Jean Quinn

Retired Chess Teacher, Broomgrove School

All of our children, in all of our schools, love playing in the Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge. By the time we reach Spring Term they are ready to test their new skills.

But the tournament is not just about creating champions. Every child will win some sort of prize and their confidence, together with their self-esteem, will rise as the points add up over the weeks.

For many juniors, it is undoubtedly one of the major highlights of the school year.

Sean Marsh

Chess Teacher and Trainer, Chess in Schools and Communities

What Comes in the Pack?

Tournament kits provide materials and prizes for 20 players as standard but different sizes can be purchased. The kit contains:

  • Simple instructions for teachers
  • Posters to advertise the club competition
  • Scoring wall chart – keep track of the standings
  • Player pairing cards
  • Certificates of participation for all players
  • Badges for all players
  • Champions trophy
  • Assorted prizes (including our famous mascots)
  • Chess puzzles – providing some useful training to go with the competition

The kit can be delivered straight to the school ready for use. 

Video instructions are also provided if you want a bit more detail on how the competition operates.

How it Works

1) Place your order
You can order online or email us with your order (

2) Receive delivery
Your tournament kit will be sent to your designated address by recorded delivery at the beginning of spring term (we may be able can deliver early on request).

3) Start the competition
Choose a convenient date to begin – remember to leave yourself 7 weeks or sessions to complete the tournament.

4) Run the competition
There are 7 rounds as standard – most teachers run one round a week for seven weeks. Each week pair up players to play one another based on what score they are on (full instructions on how to do pairings are available).

5) Update scores and handout prizes
After each game update the players pairing cards and the score chart and hand out awards as the children accumulate points (my favourite part)!

6) Encourage players to register for Megafinals
At the end of the tournament children will have the option to go on and compete in the Megafinals.

7 Weeks of Chess Action for just £2 per player

Remove the stress of painstaking lesson planning and introduce your chess club members to the UK’s most popular chess competition – the Delancey UK Chess Challenge. For just £2 per student you have a ready made seven week competition schedule and all the materials you need to keep your students happy and engaged, whatever their chess level.

For just £2 per student you get:

  • Simple instructions and ready made 7 week competition plan
  • Tournament materials including score charts and pairing cards
  • Prizes, badges and certificates to keep all the players happy and motivated
  • Increased engagement, retention and satisfaction of students
  • New much loved regular fixture in your annual chess club calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the pack suitable for beginners?
A: Yes – knowing the Delancey UK Chess Challenge is approaching can encourage players to get to know the rules quicker. Even if a few rules are a bit hazy you could run a ‘beginner section’ to ease them in gently.

Q: I’ve never run a chess competition before – is this for me?
A: Do not worry – there is an first time for everything and running the competition is very straightforward. The guide that comes in the box will explain everything and we also provide some online videos for additional support.

Q: Is this only fun for the best players?
A: Absolutely not! The way the points and prizes are structured means everyone wins something at different stages including a certificate of participation. 

Q: Can I order a bespoke number of items
A: We try and be flexible depending on what we have in stock. Any specific queries can be directed to

Q: How many trophies come in a pack?
A: It depends on the number of students you are ordering for. 1-30 = 1 trophy. 31-50 = 2 trophies. 51-70 = 3 trophies etc.

Q: Do I have to register for the school competition for my students to play in the Megafinal stages?
A: No – all students are eligible to enter the Megafinals directly. However running a school tournament is a great way to introduce players to tournament chess and many teachers use this as an ‘official warmup’.

Q: How do my students register for the Megafinals?
A: Students/parents can register directly via our website. Teachers can also register students in bulk at a discount – contact us nearer the time for more information.

Q: Do I get a discount if I run clubs at multiple schools and order multiple packs?
A: You may be entitled to a bulk order discount – please email ( us with your order details if you are thinking of registering several schools.