How to Take Part

This guide is for parents/players who are thinking of registering and also for those who have registered and are wondering what happens next (though most of this will have been covered in your welcome email).

  1. Purchase a registration ticket
  2. Create a account (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the lichess UKCC 2020 Competition team
  4. Watch our helpful welcome video
  5. Have the rules and event dates to hand
  6. Enter the tournaments you wish to play in
  7. Play and have fun!

1.  Purchase a registration ticket

There are three types to choose from. Each one will grant you access to all of the competitions across the summer (so you don’t need to pay additional if you qualify for the next stages). You can purchase registration tickets on the registration page

2. Create a account

The competition is taking place on so you will need to create a lichess account to take part. lichess is completely free to use and is, in our humble opinion, the best place on the web to play chess. It is really easy to join – if you like you can check out our brief lichess guide. If you create an account after registering for the 2020 competition please let us know what the username is.

3. Join the lichess UKCC 2020 Competition Team

This is our closed group within lichess where we are hosting our events. To join please follow these steps

  • Go to the Team Lobby
  • Click “Join Team”
  • Please leave your child’s name in the message box before you submit!
  • Solve the checkmate puzzle (you may need your child to help with this)

There will then be a short delay whilst we verify the request. Once your request has been accepted you will be able to take part in the competitions.

4. Watch our helpful welcome video

Please watch our Welcome Video

5. Familiarize yourself with the key dates and rules

Main Championship Rules
Side Event Rules

6. Enter the tournaments you wish to play in

This is an important point – you are not automatically entered into any tournaments even after you join the lichess team. You must manually do this yourself. Tournament links will be listed approximately 1 week before they begin – these links will be available in 2 locations (the 2nd is the easiest to navigate)

Team Lobby
Tournament Schedule  

Once you click on a tournament link you will be taken to the “Tournament Lobby”. From here you need to click the “Join” button in the top right corner to join the event. This is all you need to do – you don’t need to inform us which events you are playing. The tournament will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

7. Play and have fun!

So all that is left to play and enjoy the event.

We have a daily live stream (video lessons and viewer challenges) on our Twitch Channel

Weekday streams are from 17.30 and weekend streams fro 15.30. We will also be covering most tournaments so parents can tune in for any registration assistance or tournament announcements.