Why take chess lessons

As well as running the UK Chess Challenge we like to play a little bit of chess ourselves! In our view chess becomes more and more rewarding the better you understand the game – and the better you play! Therefore we are extremely passionate about helping children get better at the game, especially as we remember the buzz we got as young players rising through the ranks. 

There are many reasons to want to want to improve at the game, such as: 

  • Better results and the buzz of winning games 
  • The sense of wonder as you begin to unravel the mysteries of this ancient game 
  • The deep sense of fulfilment at ‘mastering a craft’ 
  • The ability to pass that knowledge on and help others 

 The UK Chess Challenge has always provided ample opportunities for children to play chess – however it is clear that many players lack access to the right learning resources to enable them to play to their true potential. Many a time we see players repeating the same mistakes in tournaments but without the right feedback they do not know where they have gone wrong and what to do about it. 

What makes our lessons different?

As players, organisers and parents we feel like we’ve got a pretty good idea why children enjoy playing chess and why parents are happy to see their children playing chess. We’ve got a lot of experience in experimenting with different formats and we know what’s good and also what doesn’t work! We aim to ensure:

  • All children are engaged and included in the activities
  • Active participation is encouraged
  • Classes split by ability levels and material specifically tailored to that group
  • Weekly tournaments, quizzes and fun activities gives plenty of scope to practise what has been learnt

By giving us the opportunity to help your child discover their passion for the game we can promise you

  • Access to a highly qualified panel of coaches (including Grandmasters and International Masters)
  • Innovative use of technology to keep things fun and fresh
  • We’ll keep things as simple as possible for you the parents – technical assistance with Zoom, tips on what tournaments to play > whatever you need!

Autumn 2020 – What options are available?

We will be running weekly lessons from the start of Autumn term online using Zoom.

  • Weekly Zoom lesson And / OR
  • Weekly show – webinar style
  • Tournaments
  • Video and Resource Library

To register your interest and join the waiting list please complete our registration form below. Numbers are limited and we operate on a first come first served basis


Autumn 2020 - UKCC Chess Club

Autumn 2020 - UKCC Chess Club (with weekly lesson and matches)