Below are the final standings in the first ever online UK Chess Challenge! In total 1026 players took part and 11,714 puzzles were solved.

Special congratulations to SafeNewRecord who is our inaugural champion!

Position Username Points Special prize
1st SafeNewRecord 920
2nd RemnantIsland 841
3rd FunEndlessDragon 790
4th QuirkyFuel 761 Top U9
5th sportychess 746
6th TopOldCarrot 666
7th LastOlympicPark 665
8th CovAcademyAaravA 664
9th RedSquirrel06 649 Top U7
10th WittyDinosaur 635
11th BKCali 620
12th ImportantTreat 615
13th BentSqueakyMelon 597
14th QueenEatingDragon 594
15th SmellyDetail 588
16th alexsor 580
17th GeniusKitten 579
18th SourFreshScience 575
19th HandsomeEel 572
20th JerseyFox 553


Everyone in the top 20 receives a certificate.
Those placing in the top 3 all receive a Cup. Also the top U9 and top U11 receive a Cup.
Those placing inside the top 20 (but not the top 3 or best U9/U11) receive a medal.

All players finishing in the top 10 receive automatic qualification to the Gigafinals. Please note you may still participate in a Megafinal should you choose to do so.

Claiming prizes:

If you have not already done so please contact us by email ( or message us on ChessKid and let us know your home address so we can post out your prizes.

Thank you and well done everybody for taking part. We hoped you enjoyed it and we promise to make next years event bigger and better!!