We are excited to be launching the UK Chess Challenge Online Chess Club. Membership is available to all junior chess players in the UK. We will be running regular tournaments and events every week for players of all abilities to compete, have fun and hopefully become better chess players in the process!


We run chess clubs on each of the following chess platforms.


Worlds biggest chess server. You can do everything here from playing blitz, slow chess, taking lessons and challenging your speed and skills in the famous ‘Puzzle Rush’

There are child controls you can select – this site is particularly suitable for older children (11+) and those in the Intermediate and Advanced groups.


A revolution in the chess world – Lichess is open source software which is free for everyone to use. Has a a smooth modern interface and innovative features such as simultaneous matches and ‘Arena Tournaments’ – Lichess is the smart choice for savvy players.

Lichess has a ‘safe mode’ for children. Suitable for Development, Intermediate and Advanced groups.


Built specifically for kids – leading safety features and kid friendly design make this a winning combination. Take lessons, play live tournaments and solve puzzles.

Especially suitable for younger children (6-10) and those in the Beginner and Development groups.

How to Join?

  1. Choose which platforms you wish to participate on. You can choose one, two or all three – entirely your choice
  2. If you haven’t already make sure you have a created an account for each platform you wish to use (for chesskid make sure you have created a ‘child account’)
  3. Follow the instructions below to join the UK Chess Challenge Online Club for each platform


https://www.chess.com/club/uk-chess-challenge   click the orange “Join” button


Visit the following link  https://lichess.org/team/uk-chess-challenge  and click the green button “Join Team”.


Once you have created a “child account” go into settings (cog symbol) normally in the top right corner though depends on your screen layout. Click the link at the bottom which says “Do you have a group registration key”. Enter GFXKZM


The following is our schedule for the coming week. We will try and stick to a similar schedule each week though to begin with we will see what is popular and welcome feedback from players.

Monday 5th May

10 / 0  Blitz Arena
6pm – 7.30pm

Tuesday 6th May

6 – 7pm
5 / 1 Blitz Arena

Wednesday 7th May

5 / 5 Blitz Swiss (5 rounds)
6pm (approx 90 minutes)
Login to see tournament button

Thursday 8th May

5 / 2 “King of the Hill” Arena
6pm – 7pm

Please note this is a variant of chess where as well as checkmate you can also win by getting your King to one of the central squares (d4, e4, d5, e5) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_of_the_Hill_(chess)

Friday 9th May

10 / 2 “960” Swiss (6 rounds)
6pm (approx. 100 minutes)

Please note this is a (very popular) variant of chess where the pieces on the back row are randomly shuffled. The normal rules of chess apply but castling is somewhat different https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischer_random_chess#Castling_rules

Saturday 10th May

10 / 0 Swiss (6 rounds)
10am (approx. 2 hours)
Login on the day to see tournament button

15 / 10 Swiss (5 rounds)
2pm (approx 2.5 hours)

3 / 0 Arena
6pm – 7pm

Sunday 11th May

5 / 0 Swiss (6 rounds)
10am (approx 90 minutes)

5 / 2 “Antichess” Arena
12pm – 1pm

Please note “Antichess” is a variant of chess! The object is to LOSE all of your pieces! If you can capture an enemy piece you must do so. Checks do not count and the kings can be captured!

15 / 10 Arena
2pm – 4.30pm

3 / 2 Arena
6pm – 7pm


VIP Membership (…coming soon…)

VIP members will have access to the following

  • Play simultaneous games against titled players (including UKCC Directors Sarah and Alex Longson)
  • Access to official UKCC Online events with prizes and qualification spots to the Gigafinals
  • Exclusive training materials and discounts

To apply for VIP membership please complete the application form below