The Delancey UK Chess Challenge is a multi-stage event with a mixture of over the board competitions and online qualification events.


15th and 16th October – Blenheim Palace

Once again we’re delighted that the finals (the ‘Terafinal’) will be hosted at Blenheim Palace on the weekend of 15th and 16th October. Only 60 players in total will qualify for the Terafinal – that is 12 from each age category. The Terafinal is an 11 round “All Play All” and is the strongest junior event in the UK calendar.

Here we can see our five champions from 2021 sitting on the steps of the Palace. Players play in one of five age categories; under 8, under 10, under 12, under 14 and under 18.


17th and 18th September – Mercure Daventry Court Hotel

Before the Terafinal is the Challengers on the weekend of the 17th and 18th September at the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel. 200 players will take part in this two day event in comfortable surrounds. This event is on par with Terafinals from previous years with live boards and a strong competitive field.

Daventry hosted the 2017 and 2019 Terafinal as well as the 2021 Challengers. Players qualify for the Challengers via the Gigafinals. Even those qualifying directly to the Terafinal are encouraged to play in the Challengers – one of the strongest junior events in the chess calendar.


Over the Board (9/10 & 23/24 July) and Online Options (3/4 September) 

We have 2 x over-the-board Gigafinals plus an online Gigafinal for added convenience. From the Gigafinals players can qualify directly to the Terafinal or qualify for the Challengers. The over the board Gigafinals take place 9/10 July (Northern) and 23/24 July (Southern) whilst the Online Gigafinal is on 3/4 September. These are one day events with different age groups competing on different days.

Players who have qualified from a Megafinal may enter as many Gigafinals as they like. We are encouraging players to play as much chess as possible and all our events are ECF rated and provide valuable experience.


Over the Board and Online Options – Last Event 3rd July

But firstly players must qualify from a Megafinal – either from one of the many over the board events or from one of the Online Megafinals (18/19 June and 2/3 July).

For many players a Megafinal is their first experience of competitive chess outside of their school. Megafinals take place across the whole of the UK and players are encouraged to play as many as they can to gain useful experience and rack up those graded games.

Every player scoring at least 4 points (from 6 rounds) will qualify for the Gigafinals. There are additional age related qualifiers and the top three boys and girls from each section will automatically qualify.

Full Dates


This year we are hosting three Gigafinals. To compete in a Gigafinal a player must first qualify via a Megafinal. Players may play in as many Gigafinals as they like, regardless of whether they have already qualified for the next stages.

Saturday 9th July – Northern Gigafinal U10s (Wright Robinson College, Manchester)
Sunday 10th July – Northern Gigafinal U11-18s (Wright Robinson College, Manchester)

Saturday 23rd July – Southern Gigafinal U10s (Harrow High School)
Sunday 24th July – Southern Gigafinal U11-18s (Harrow High School)

Saturday 3rd September – Online Gigafinal U10s (
Sunday 4th September – Online Gigafinal U11-18s (


Players qualify for the Challengers via the Gigafinals. Players qualifying directly to the Terafinal are also invited to play in the Challengers – one of the strongest junior competitions of the year. This is the last chance to qualify for the Terafinal.

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September – Mercure Daventry Court Hotel

Please note this is a two day event and unlike the Gigafinals players must play on both days.


Players qualify to the Terafinal via one of two routes

i) Directly from a Gigafinal. Each Gigafinal has three qualifying spots per age group
ii) From the Challengers. The Challengers has three qualifying spots per age group

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th October – Blenheim Palace

An 11 round “All-Play-All”. Each players plays on both days and plays every other player in their group.