The 2019 British Chess Championships are happening right now!

The venue is the Riviera International Centre in Torquay and the event will run until 4 August.

There are lots of sections, as can be seen by clicking here.

One good way to improve at chess is to watch the games of strong players and try to work out the moves they will play. The games from the top section of the championship can be followed, live, here.

Yesterday’s first round produced plenty of interesting chess and here is a particularly bright moment.

Simon Williams vs. John Merriman

What has just played 58 Rd8, threatening 59 Rh8 checkmate. Black defended with 58 …Kh7 but Williams still played 59 Rh8+! Black resigned here (1-0), as 59 …Kxh8 would allow 60 Kg6 with the unstoppable threat of 61 Rc8 checkmate.

Watch the games and see if you can spot the tactics before they happen!