I am enjoying investigating this new book, which has just been published by Russian Chess House.

Don’t be put off by the unfamiliar writing on the cover; the text inside is given in English too.

The unusual aspect about most of the exercises in this book is that they can be solved from both sides of the board.

Try this one, which starts off as White to play and win.

Once you have found the combination, try reverting back to the original position, turn the board around and then find a combination for Black.

Here is another one to try, which can also be solved from both sides of the board.

This book will help sharpen up the tactical vision of all players (the above tow examples are a couple of the easy ones) and I am sure tutors and coaches will find the ‘two problems from one position’ very helpful, especially as it will save time setting up the positions on a demonstration board.

A recommended read!