We are delighted to announce that the ‘Chess Laboratory’ is now live!

We are lucky to have so many great chess resources available online now – and we will be providing links to the best resources within the Chess Laboratory. However, we felt what was missing was some guidance and resources specifically aimed at teachers, parents and organisers looking to run children’s chess clubs, tournaments and activities. So Chess Laboratory is really designed with these people in mind.

We will also have some material specifically aimed at children learning the game for the first time.

The initial contributions will be from the UKCC team to get the ball rolling – but we really want this to be a UK junior chess community effort so we are welcoming contributions from everyone. If you have any ideas please let us know at chesslab@ukchess.co.uk

This could be anything from:
• Reccomended books
• Reccomended sites
• Favourite chess ‘variant’ or ‘mini game’
• Anecdotes and stories from running chess clubs

We’ve named this the ‘Chess Laboratory’ as it is basically an experiment to begin with- and like any experiment there will be mishaps and mis-steps along the way and the design won’t necessarily be all that pretty to begin with! But bear with us and with your help hopefully we can make this a success!