Let’s keep it simple…
Enter your school for the Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge and you will receive a box with everything you need to run the tournament in your own school.
Play the seven rounds¬†over a seven-week period (or play two games per week if you’d prefer).
Award the prizes accordingly. Give every child their moment in assembly.
Ensure all qualifiers know about the Megafinal stage and what they need to do to enter. This is where your official duty to the tournament comes to an end. The children and their parents will be able to enter the Megafinal under their own steam, although schools do have the option of submitting a block entry.
It is optional, of course. Some children may think they have already played enough competitive chess. However, if they do take the bull by the horns they will be able to test their strength against players from other schools, most of whom will be comparatively local to themselves.
If your players do well at the Megafinal they will qualify for one of the three Gigafinals.
Top scorers at the Gigafinals will qualify for the final stage of the event – the prestigious Terafinal.

The winner of the Terafinal will become the Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge Champion for 2018.

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