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  • Summer Camp 2021 – 5 Week Bundle


    Summer Camp 2021 – 5 Week Bundle

    The Chess Summer Camp runs from Monday 26th July through to Sunday 29th August.

    With the “Weekly Pass” you get an ‘All Access Pass’ for a week of your choosing.

    We offer a range of chess training lessons, brain workouts and game/competition sessions every weekday from 1000 – 1400 (with competitions at weekend as well).

    Our training sessions are led by  our Managing Director and former British Ladies Champion Sarah Longson and our team of professional chess coaches. They include interactive video sessions and activities designed to be fun and educational. Our tougher sessions will provide a real challenge to international players whilst we also offer sessions tailored to beginner and novice players.

    For the competition sessions players will be placed into “divisions” based on current ability with a leaderboard throughout the week and prizes handed out at the end. Prizes will be based on results as well as effort – with some random bonuses so that everyone has a chance!!

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