This week seven UKCC tournaments took place. The three age groups of the blitz played and concluded their final preliminary. The second chess960 qualifiers took place on Saturday, again split into three age groups. Finally, the Racing Kings variant events concluded, passing the halfway point of the UKCC variant championships.


With the final blitz prelim concluded, we now have our qualifiers for the final next weekend! Congratulations to ‘Eyeman’ who topped the U8s with a score of 132 across his best 3 events – very impressive. Regular name ‘Dangerouskid’ took home first place in the U12s with a score of 116 and ‘Unagi5’ topped the U18s with a score of 107, narrowly beating last week’s MVP ‘Bozzy’ by 4 points to take the top spot.


There were a score of new qualifiers after the second 960 event this weekend. ‘Billythekid’ achieved a clean sheet in the U8 competition, scoring 5/5 in the Swiss format. There was another sole victor on 5/5 in the U12s, ‘WantToBeAGrandmaster” – an accolade they will no doubt achieve soon! The U18s competition was very closely contested with only 3 players qualifying and the top score being 3.5/5. Well done to Devan ‘murdochess’ and ‘King_Crusher”.

Racing Kings

An absolute rollercoaster of a tournament which saw the highest score yet in any UKCC variant event. Serial variant expert ‘Dangerouskid’ romped to victory with a convincing lead over the whole field, finishing 30 points clear of QueenEatingDragon in second place. Impressive showings from ‘Bozzy’ and Krrish who tied for second place on 62 points. With three variant events to go, everything is to play for. With atomic chess on the horizon, could someone beat Dangerouskid’s top score of 100 points.