UK Chess Challenge – New for 2020

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind”

Here we’d like to introduce a few of the changes to the competition for 2020 which we hope will help improve the overall experience for players, parents and organisers.

1) Megafinal multiple entries

As was the case in 2019 players are able to play in as many Megafinals they wish to. Unlike last year however, players MAY STILL compete in a Megafinal even if they have already won a Megafinal.

Please note that if you wish to cancel an entry you are entitled to a 50% refund if you notify us before the event.

2) Qualification to the Gigafinal

A change to last year’s rules which allows more players to qualify – especially in situations where age groups are merged. As well as scoring 3.5 points and/or winning your section you can also qualify for the Gigafinal by finishing in the top 3 (or tied for top 3) places in your age group/gender section.

Organisers may make wildcard applications on behalf of players to the UKCC by email

For a select few players there is the option to “Fast Track” to the Gigafinals – see below…

3) “Fast Track” Gigafinal entry

Players who meet the grading requirements below may purchase a “Fast Track” Gigafinal ticket meaning they can directly enter a Gigafinal without having to qualify from the Megafinals. This change avoids the scenario we have had in the past where some players are playing opposition 50 – 100 ECF points lower than their grade which is hardly useful for either player.

Grading requirements:

Must have an ECF grade (can use either standard or rapid) of AT LEAST:
10 x (Age group + 2)   (eg under 11 = 10 x (11+2) = 130)

For a list of age categories and corresponding fast track grading requirements please see here

The grades used will the ECF January 2020 list.

No exceptions will be made to the grading requirements

4) Scottish Gigafinal

For the first time we will have a Gigafinal outside of England. Due to popular demand (and the amount of travelling required for players living in Scotland to reach the Northern Gigafinal) we have agreed to host a one day Gigafinal in Edinburgh on 7h June 2020. This event will be open to all players.

5) Challengers Events

The qualification score for the Challengers is 3.5 at a Gigafinal. Players may play in as many Challengers events as they choose.

6) Terafinal qualification

Qualification rules are largely unchanged from last year – players may qualify via one of two main routes

  1. Gigafinals: Winning (or finishing joint first) your age group/gender section
  2. Challengers: Winning (or finishing joint first) in one of the five gender sections (U8, U10, U12, U14, U18)

In addition – Gigafinal organisers are able to nominate players for qualification under exceptional circumstances. Acceptance of these is at the discretion of the UKCC organizing team.